Our Children's Summer Program in Carrollton, TX

Summer can be a wonderful time for children to learn and discover more from life, a time to learn through play and experiences outside of a classroom setting. If you want to give your child an advantage in life this summer, sign them up for a kid’s summer program with The Advantage Program.

The Advantage Program is all about giving kids from Dallas, Fort Worth, and Carrollton (TX), opportunities to be enriched, enlightened, and empowered. We give kids in kindergarten through 12th-grade exposure to opportunities for academic growth, the arts, and more as we keep their minds active over the summer months.

Why Choose Our Children’s Summer Program?

The Advantage Program is a nonprofit organization—theadvantageprogram.org—dedicated to giving underprivileged youth in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area a better chance in order to ensure a better future for us all. We focus on creating opportunities for children growing up in at-risk communities.

We are here to help these children envision and create better futures for themselves and each other, to help them break out of the pernicious cycle of poverty by reaching their full potential.

Our summer program takes the onus off of you to entertain and mentally stimulate your child over the long stretch of summer. Your child will enjoy outdoor activities under our careful guidance, including:

  • Music
  • Dance
  • Art & Crafts
  • Games

All the while, they’ll be exposed to opportunities for growth and making friendships with other kids in the program. We also offer the chance for your child to learn to code and access academic tutoring to set them up for success in the upcoming school year. Field trips will show them the boundless opportunities they have professionally.

Camp starts June 6, so sign your child up for a summer spot with The Advantage Program today!